Add your products

Through Website

  1. Login merchant account:
  2. From L192 merchants central → Product → Upload Product
  3. Fill in Product Information
    • English title and description (required)
    • Khmer title and description (required)
    • Chinese title and description
    • Supplier code: Your product codes
    • Brand: You can create your brand by going to L192 merchants central
      Brand → My Brand → Create New Brand

1 release new product.jpg

  1. More Detail
    • Product category: Choose the category related to your products
    • Offer price (USD): Sales price
    • Product color: If there are multiple colors, please use comma ", " to separate them (ex: Blue,Pink,Black)
    • Product size: If there are multiple sizes, please use comma ", " to separate them(ex: S,M,L)
    • Product weight (gram)
    • Product Dimensions (cm)
    • Remote stock → and delivery time

2 release new product.jpg

  1. Product Images

    • Choose one main product image
    • Choose additional product images (max. 9)
  2. Complete additional product information

    • Match product image and product color
    • Add product video link from YouTube

3 release new product.jpg

  1. Click on button "Save"

Through App L192 Business

4 release new product.jpg 5 release new product.jpg 6 release new product.jpg

Products will not be displayed on the customer platform immediately after they are released. Products need to be reviewed and approved by L192 within 1-2 working days.