How to ship FBL products to L192 warehouse?

Option 1: Through Website

  1. Login merchant account
  1. From L192 merchants central → Inventory → Inventory Shipment
  • From product list on the left, click on the products you would like to ship and type the number of products in column "Quantity"
  • Click on button "Shipment" to create shipment

4 FBL Shipment.jpg

  1. From L192 merchants central → Inventory → View Shipment log

  2. Print shipment label to stick on your packages

5 FBL Shipment.jpg

  • If you have more than one shipment package, you must write down on the shipment label more information about your package quantities. For example, you have 3 packages in one shipment, so you need to write numbers in shipment labels that stick on each package as below. 1/3: First of three packages, 2/3: Second of three packages and so on.

6 FBL Shipment.jpg

  1. Ship to L192 warehouse
  • When shipment packages are ready, you can click on button "Ship"

7 FBL Shipment.jpg

  • If you are in Phnom Penh, click "Pickup Request" for free shipment pickup after clicking Ship.

8 FBL Shipment.jpg 9 FBL Shipment.jpg

  • If you are in the province, please send the shipment to us via a transportation company or express company.
  • For overseas merchants, send to L192 warehouse address.
  1. Track shipment
  • From L192 merchants central → Inventory → Shipment log.
  • If the value of column "Units Received" has changed from zero, it means your shipment has been processed.

10 FBL Shipment.jpg

Option 2: Through App L192 Business 11 FBL Shipment.jpg 12 FBL Shipment.jpg 13 FBL Shipment.jpg 14 FBL Shipment.jpg 15 FBL Shipment.jpg