How to create Promo Code

  1. Log into your account and go to "Marketing" then select "Promo Code"


  1. Click "Create Campaign" and then Name your Campaign


  1. Click on the Campaign name


  1. Click on "Create Promotion Code"


  1. Fill in the required information


-Name : Promo code name that will display when user apply this promo code

-Code : Promo code that user uses input into L192 App to get credit.

-Credit : Amount in dollar ($) that user will get when promo code is applied. This amount will be deducted from all of your products sales price equally.

-Minimum Order amount : promo code threshold amount. For example: if minimum order amount is set to $10, it means that user can apply your promo code if only sum of all your products sales price after discount in cart must exceed or equal to $10

-Maximum Used (Times): The number of usages that use can apply. Promo code can be used only time if maximum used is set to 1.

Active: Promo Code is not usable until it is active.

How to apply promo code


Click on "Promo code" before checkout

Type in your code then click APPLY