How to create ads campaign

Sponsored products will appear on the top page of related category, keywords and related products.


Before creating any ads campaign, you have to top up your balance first by transfer the money to ABA account below:

  • Account Number: 002 457 322
  • Account Name: KEP PERE

After transferring the payment, please screenshot the transaction and send it to us. We will inform you once your balance has been topped up.

  1. Login into your sellers account and go to "Ads Campaign"


  1. Select "Create ads Campaign"


  1. Fill in the required information:
  • Start Date : The date that you would like to run. Currently, the campaign will not be ended by "End Date". Campaign keeps running until we serve all your given budget (PPc) or four days after product LIVE.
  • Mass Bidding : The amount you are willing to pay per product click (PPC) or per product sale (Product LIVE). Higher biding will be selected to display at better placement (PPC) or to LIVE by well-known models (product LIVE). Currently, minimum biding for PPC is $0.01 and minimum biding for product LIVE is 16.88% of sales price.
  • Mass Budget : The total budget you would like to spend for each product of PPC Campaign. PPC Campaign will be finished when I spent close to budget. This budget is not accounted to product LIVE.
  • After filling in the information on the top, you can proceed to select products you would like to sponsor.
  • Then fill in the information for each campaign item and click "Submit".