Promo Combo

The most flexible promotion that allows us to Discount product price in value or percentage, Gifts, Free delivery.

How does it show in L192?


How to create promo combo?

create promo combo.PNG Goto go side menu -> Marketing -> Promo Combo -> Create new promo combo

Promotion name: make it meaningful, it will show to customer on app.

Date: select range of date that the promotion will be active.

When the promotion is applied:

Meet conditionDescription
Value ReachPromotion is applied when total amount of promotion product(s) price is greater than or equal to value reach
Qty ReachPromotion is applied when total quantity of promotion product(s) is greater than or equal to quantity reach

Product price discount type:

When promotion is set to discount product price, there are two options to discount

Discount TypeDescription
Value OffWhen promotion condition is meet, product price will be discount by fixed value
Percentage OffWhen promotion condition is meet, product price will be discount by pecentage

Promotion tier:

In this section, you can setup promotion as below

promotion tier.PNG

Promotion TypeDescription
Free Deliverytick to enable free delivery
Discount pricetick and enter value in dollar or percetage to enable
Free gift(s)tick and select gift(s) and gift quantity to enable

You can create multiple tiers to make it more attractive.

Note: For free delivery promotion, seller has to pay for delivery fee to platform when order is delivered.

Anyways, you has to pay only the delivery fee that takes to deliver your promotion product to customer.

If the cart takes more than the delivery fee that your products will cover, customer has to pay the rest.

Or there are free delivery products from other sellers in cart, then delivery fee will be share with those products.

For example: customer checkout a cart that contains two of your free delivery products (ProductA & ProductB) with another seller's productC with free delivery promotion.

In this case, there are two free delivery promo combo and total delivery fee to deliver this cart is $1.04.

Product A & B covers for $1.04 to deliver

Product C covers for $1.04 to deliver

Since the cover fee from both promotions (1.04 + 1.04 = $2.08) is greater than actual delivery fee witch is $1.04,

So each product can share the cover fee in propotional

Product A cover ((1.04/2)/ 2.08) * 1.04 = $0.26

Product B cover ((1.04/2)/ 2.08) * 1.04 = $0.26

Product C cover ((1.04)/ 2.08) * 1.04 = $0.52

So total cover fee is 0.26 + 0.26 + 0.52 = $1.04


Promotion can be applied some certain products or entire store products.

Available Quantity:

This quantity is the indicator to terminate your promotion campaign when customer had checkout more than this quantity. Leave it zero if you want your campaign to run unconditionally.