By clicking CHECKOUT, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1 - You agree to pay full for the total amount in the cart, which includes all the offer prices of all the products and delivery fees.

2 - Little Digital (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (L192) is the intermediary that accepts the payment from you for this order and delivery of this order and disburses the payment to sellers of the products in this order, service operators for their fulfillment services of this order, and the driver for their delivery service. L192 keeps between 0%-5% of this payment as a charge to you for its technology fee.

3 - After receiving the payment, service operators will prepare the In-Stock products (products at L192’s facilities or partner facilities) within two business hours, and we require sellers to prepare products at their facilities (not in L192’s facilities or partner facilities) within 24 business hours. L192 may break your order into multiple parcels for delivery if the order consists of multiple products stored at different facilities.

4 - Service operators may examine products for defect, damage, and unacceptable expiry date. Service operators will cancel any product in the order if they find the product unusable or consumable.

5 - Stock may not be accurate in real time. A product may be out of stock at the time of fulfillment. Service operators or sellers will cancel the product in the order.

6 - You will get a balance for any product cancellation. You can keep the balance for future purchases or request a refund.

7 - Your parcel(s) can be ready for delivery in as fast as 2 hours or within 24 hours in Phnom Penh depending on your location and communication with the driver. Delivery to provinces may need up to 72 hours.

8 - If you set your address as CTD (Click to Door), the driver may not contact you before delivery, and deliver the parcel as you instruct in the address. However, if your instruction is not enough, the driver will contact you for confirmation. CTD is currently available in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville only.

9 - If your order is above $50 in value, our driver may need to take a picture of you receiving the parcel.

10 - Service operators will consider your parcel abandoned after the driver’s multiple attempts to deliver your parcel and to contact you. Service operators keep abandoned parcels for up to three months before they discard abandoned parcels. L192 and service operators are not responsible for damage and expiry date of any product in abandoned parcels. Return of products and refund in this case are not possible.

11 - Fulfilment services may not be operational during two major holidays in Cambodia, namely Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben. L192 will announce whether service operators work during these two major holidays. Check announcements in the app.

12 - If you are not satisfied with products you receive, you can request a return within 5 days after delivery. You need to choose or write a reason for return and upload an image and a video as evidence in the app.

13 - To get refund, you need to request a refund in the app. L192 will refund to you after your request within 24 business hours for an amount under $100 and 72 business hours if the amount is $100 or above. L192 will not process any refund in the last three days of any month. For payments with cards that incur bank fees, L192 will refund your payments partially.

14 - We have the right to not fulfill any order with suspicious payments.

15 - You will receive a receipt that acknowledges your payment and invoice(s) for your order.